Welcome to Greenboots Gardens

 GREENBOOTS GARDENS is locally owned by long time Sudbury gardener, Anne Boulton. It is a premier garden design and landscaping company whose motto is “leave it a better place than you found it”. Whether you’re a gardener yourself with little time in your busy life, or you can’t tell a begonia from an astilbe, Greenboots Gardens can help you create the garden of your dreams.
We want you to be thrilled by your new garden. We offer organic gardening services and take a long-lasting, sustainable approach to gardening by starting with the health of your soil.  We provide gardening services for both Commercial and Residential clients.  From garden makeovers, rejuvenations and clean-ups to regular maintenance services, Greenboots Gardens covers it all.  We offer quality, friendly service at competitive prices. Call now or e-mail for a free estimate.
“When gardening becomes art…not only is Anne’s creativity and knowledge of plants both beautiful and wise, her style and work ethic are rich with integrity and honesty” - Jen Wilson, owner, Myoga
“Each year I look at our gardens, at Anne’s work and I say to myself, it’s perfect: well planned, great choices, and excellent attention to detail.” - Paul Thususka, Owner, A&M Remediation
“Greenboots Gardens created a wonderful front flower garden at our home in 2016.  We were very pleased with the results.  It is exactly what we wanted.  It is like Anne read our minds! ” - Kerridwen Harvey, Cambrian Colleges